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Inspiring the next generation of storytellers

Writing. Learning. Community.
July 8th - July 13th 2024

Applications for 2024 are now open!

Video credits: Asim Munir


“In the workshop, we explored a whole range of texts from different traditions, cultures, languages, and modes of writing. I think that’s what any good workshop, but the LUMS Young Writer’s Workshop in particular, does is that it takes you out of your routine and standard practices of reading and writing and observing the world. And it releases you into a world, even if temporarily, of transformation, reflection, and quiet meditation which is really empowering for a young writer.” 

— Asad Alvi, 2014 (Contributor, The World that Belongs to Us: An Anthology of Queer Poetry from South Asia).

“If you’ve ever wondered what will life look like if all you did was read, write, talk about writing, and study writing, then this workshop is a great way to find out!”

— Rabia Saeed, 2018 (Stegner Fellow, 2022-2024 at Stanford University).

“The workshop was important for me in not just providing me with instruction on how to read and write purposefully, but also it was monumental in giving me a community of writers who were at the same stage of writing as me. To have folks who you can talk about writing with is truly a blessing.”

— Komal Waqar Ali, 2016 (Teacher, Khatoon-e Pakistan Government Girl School Karachi).

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